Drop in to this crucial collection of white hot early CHEMICAL PEOPLE material. Covering their 2β€³ Pecker Records output from ’88-’89, this tape is jam packed with confoundingly tight, dynamic tunes that are easy on the ears, lyrics that are easy on your brain cells, and nary a track moving past the two minute thirty second mark. Pure, outrageous fun. Plus, more than a few covers get the classic Chemical People treatment on here that range from the Hard-Ons to Spinal Tap. A must own for melodic punk snobs and slobs alike.

Whiff - Kinda Like Meditating LP
Hard-Ons Peel Me Like A Egg

Dinged Up

Mucho Dolor LP

“Mucho Dolor” is Dinged Up’s sophomore LP with all instrumentation and vocals recorded by Joe himself. It was originally released digitally in 2016, but it’s now properly seeing a physical reissue on LP thanks to a collaboration with Wallride Records.



With eleven other studio albums under their belt, Australia’s Hard-Ons have added another scorching hot slab to their monolithic discography, this time with the glorious return of founding member Keish back on lead vocals. Twelve inches of wax containing twelve new songs that demonstrate an absolute mastery of their craft, along with a level of intensity that will leave your head spinning and your heart throbbing.

Whiff - Kinda Like Meditating LP
Hard-Ons Peel Me Like A Egg


WRR030. BIG 3.0.

Kevin Carl (G-WHIZ) is a songwriter with many friends. In 2008, with several songs written, but no current band to record them, Kevin reached out to his old friend Bill Stevenson (Descendents/Black Flag) and asked if he would be interested in playing drums on the songs. Bill agreed, and Kevin invited ex-bandmate Duane Kiener (G-WHIZ) to accompany him to Bill’s studio and play bass. Fueled by coffee and Mexican food, the duo travelled to Colorado and The Blasting Room, where they recorded drums, bass and guitar for five of the songs Kevin had written..

Sloppy Seconds - You Can't Kill Joey Ramone


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the Shitty Limits - Beware the Limits