The Spark – Less Slow More Go EP


Short, fast, loud, and angry. Punk/hardcore the way it was meant to be done. Ten songs of fast, thrashy, catchy hardcore that is built upon a steady diet of Cokes, circle pits, and a disgust for all things Republican. Like a cross between Minor Threat and Black Flag, they combine socially conscious lyrics with the frustration of living in an age where everyone else thinks they know the best way for you to live your life. This is the debut release from one of Maryland’s hardest working hardcore bands, so expect many more great things to come.

(released under the Go Home Records name. split release with Wallride Records.)

A1 Firestarter
A2 The Flag Shop Is Out Of Stock (Aka Hate-Riotism)
A3 The Gooch
A4 Bike Lock Resolution
A5 Einstein And Jesus

B1 Obsolete Vernacular
B2 Less Slow, More Go!
B3 The Garden Or The Grave
B4 All I Wanted
B5 American Waste