The Shitty Limits – Beware the Limits


Crazed punk rock from the UK with a heavy WIRE influence. Too catchy to be hardcore, too intense to be punk. Like walking in on TELEVISION doing lines with 1979 era-BLACK FLAG in the ladies room at the Apollo. Pounding rhythms and violent guitars sounding like a Fender Twin with razorwire speakers.

Bass Guitar – E.T.*
Drums – T.D.*
Guitar – E.O.T.*
Lead Vocals – L.H.*

1 Transitions
2 Head For Figures
3 Smart Guys
4 Your Limits Are My Limits
5 Vehicle
6 Just Like Before
7 Swallowed Whole
8 Wonderflow
9 Hard Wired
10 Show Me
11 Television
12 Beware The Limits