Chemical People – The Singles Cassette


Drop in to this crucial collection of white hot early CHEMICAL PEOPLE material. Covering their 2″ Pecker Records output from ’88-’89, this tape is jam packed with confoundingly tight, dynamic tunes that are easy on the ears, lyrics that are easy on your brain cells, and nary a track moving past the two minute thirty second mark. Pure, outrageous fun. Plus, more than a few covers get the classic Chemical People treatment on here that range from the Hard-Ons to Spinal Tap. A must own for melodic punk snobs and slobs alike.


A1 All The Best Things
A2 Aquaman
A3 Who Killed Marilyn 
A4 Hate
A5 Overdosed
A6 X-Feminist
A7 Automatic
A8 Tonight, I’m Gonna Rock You
A9 Midnight Madness
A10 Shit On My Dick
A11 My Tattoo
A12 Walking Down The Street
A13 Bye Bye Girl

B1 Aqua II (Live)
B2 Overdosed (Live)
B3 Assface (Live)
B4 Ultramental (Live)
B5 Henry Whitpenn (Live)
B6 All The Best Things (Live)
B7 Find Out (Live)
B8 Cheri Love Affair (Live)
B9 Aquaman (Live)
B10 Old Habits (Live)
B11 Rip It Out (Live)


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